Operational Leasing

You may face many challanges if your corporate car rental supplier does not provide you an excellent service. That's why we're always at your side with our services to deliver a world-class leasing experience that will never leave you in the lurch. Easily plan your operational leasing with Budget's special offers customized to your business needs.

Operational Services

As Budget, we provide all kind of services related to your everyday vehicle operations:

  • Fuel management,
  • Tire management,
  • Repair services,
  • Replacement car,
  • Pick-up and delivery,
  • Billing reporting,
  • Insurance and registration.

Financial Advantages

In addition, renting from Budget is a rational financial decision for your company. With Budget you:

  • Won’t need to tie up capital in your vehicles
  • Can use your saved funds for your core business
  • Will take advantage of favorable and predictable costs
  • Will facilitate your accounting, vehicles will not be a part of your balance sheet

Our specialists will provide a high-quality support, combining detailed information about various car brands, models and services and also the most useful recommendations. For more information about operational leasing, you can fill out the form below and our specialists will contact you in a short time.